Best digital QR code business visiting card

Share your contact the smart way.

Create your digital visiting card in seconds

Your business and personal contacts in one place

Share your contacts anywhere and grow your network

Scan and share contact cards with a tap


Step 1

Download the Flycard app from Google Play or Apple Store

Step 2

Create and save your digital business card

Step 3

Your card is ready to fly

Easily create and save your card

Create your vCard or electronic business visiting card within seconds with your name, contact information, designation, company, business logo, and social media profiles and save your card. Edit and update information with a single tap so you don’t need to spend money on re-printing business cards.

Huge Template Collection
Huge Template Collection

Share your card anywhere in multiple ways

Share your digital business visiting card with a qr code or 6-digit code or through email, text, link, vcf, social media apps, and many more and grow your business network by generating leads. With Flycard’s smart digital business visiting card never worry if your prospects might lose your card.

Manage your personal & business network better

Paper-based cards are being replaced by digital business visiting cards as they let you keep all the information about your contact gathered in one place that is safe so you don’t need to worry about losing important business cards.

Huge Template Collection
Huge Template Collection

Always stay connected with your network

Unlike traditional business cards, stay connected with your network on multiple platforms. You can onboard and manage your entire team with Flycard’s digital business visiting card giving every individual in your team their professional identity.

Do business in an eco-friendly way

Switch to the eco-friendly way by adapting to digital business visiting cards that are easily shareable with a qr code and in multiple other ways. Communicate with your network and sustainably grow your business.

Huge Template Collection
Huge Template Collection

Multi-Device Compatible

Flycard’s digital business visiting cards are compatible with multiple devices making them more impactful and efficient to use.

Made for everyone

Business Owners

Grow your business by sharing and adding potential clients to your network using the Flycard digital business visiting card app.


Impress your clients with a professional looking digital business card linked with your social media profiles and get more work.


Scale your business steadily by sharing business information with clients in a smart way using digital business visiting cards.

Micro Businesses

Build a strong network of clients for your business in an affordable way with the Flycard digital business visiting card app.

Create your Digital Business card Today


A digital business card is a modern way to share business information without using paper-based cards.

They are eco-friendly and with more businesses switching to remote working digital business visiting cards are quickly replacing paper-based business cards.

Click create your card and fill in the information that you want to be on your card and your card is ready!

Send your card with a qr code or the receiver can enter the 6-digit code to get a card. Share your card using text, email, a link, social media apps and many more.

Include your name, designation, company, company logo, email address, contact details, website, and social media links.